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 Zioka The Blood Mistress Jutsu's

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PostSubject: Zioka The Blood Mistress Jutsu's   Fri May 30, 2008 9:48 pm

~ Kekkei Genkai: Mokuton (Wood release) - Jutsu are techniques that combine earth and water-based chakra to create wood. Mokuton techniques can be produced from anywhere, including the user's body, as the user's chakra is literally converted into a source of life.

~ Moku Bunshin no Jutsu (Wood Clone Technique) - simply makes up to a few clones made of wood that merge from the main body. These clones may communicate with one another using special communication systems. Clones can travel far distances from the original as long as they can communicate. Another method is that the clones can turn into special pills that if a person eats, he or she will also be able to communicate with the original.

~ Mokuton: Henge (Wood Release: Transformation) - This jutsu is just like any other Transformation Technique, however, this variaton of the Transformation Jutsu possess an elemental affinity, wood which can only be performed with someone possessing the Mokuton Kekkei Genkai. The user performs the necessary hand seals, then wood emerges and covers his entire body and a puff of smoke or chakra covers up the transformation. Once the jutsu is done, the transformation is complete.

~ Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu (Water Release: Water Dragon Projectile Technique) - is a technique that creates a serpentine dragon to attack the opponent. Another drawback to the technique is it requires the user to be near a large body of water to complete the technique.

~ Suiton: Hahonryū (Water Release: Rapid Crusher) - This technique creates water that spirals in the user's hand and fires at a highspeed at the enemy.

~ Doton: Ganban Kyuu (Earth Release: Bedrock Coffin) - This jutsu allows the user to control multiple sections of rock and move them around their opponent. The user then forms then into two gigantic sections and crushes them together and their opponent in the middle.

This isn't all of the jutsu's that she is able to use... you can take out anything you like
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Zioka The Blood Mistress Jutsu's
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