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 Jin's Weapon list

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Jin's Weapon list Empty
PostSubject: Jin's Weapon list   Jin's Weapon list Icon_minitimeMon May 12, 2008 12:27 am

His main weapon: Hakke Hozishinsei: A legendary Hyuga clan weapon that nullifies the byakugan's blind spot and when used correctly, this katana can heal it's user. The sword can even summon forth a spirit named Minaku. This is his best weapon.

His other weapons: He carries all of these in two small scrolls.

Kunai: His ninja knife and possible throwing weapon.
Shuriken: His secondary throwing weapon.
Ninja needles: His main throwing weapons, he uses chakra with them to increase accuracy, slowly drain chakra from his opponent and in some cases, completely incapacitate his enemies.
White Pheonix Shuriken: His second strongest weapon. It's a large shuriken-like weapon with blades shaped like pheonix feathers. He pours chakra into it sometimes to increase it's range and accuracy. He uses this weapon for both close and long-range combat.
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Jin's Weapon list
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