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 Shiro, The Summoner

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Shiro Kazuma
Shiro Kazuma

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Age : 28
Location : At world's end on the path to power.
Ninja Way : To master the ways of the elements and harness the power of the 2 unknown elements.
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PostSubject: Shiro, The Summoner   Shiro, The Summoner Icon_minitimeSat May 31, 2008 5:20 pm

Name: Shiro Kazuma
Nickname: The Summoner
Age: 17
Bloodline: Kazuma Family
Perfered Fighting Style: Sword

Shiro Kazuma, a waunderer who arrived to the Village Hidden in the Abyss in search of an old friend. Though, heís also on a journey to become able to overcome the hatred in his heart and complete his fatherís final wish.

4 years ago, Shiro and his partner/best friend Saito had been assigned to a high rank mission. They were to protect one of the most well known Healing Ninjaís in the land of Shirya, Shiroís own father, Ryuno Kazuma. Their only clue was that some one had placed a "hit" on Ryuno. Then, times would change for Shiro forever. Night had fallen, and Shiro had taken post in front of his home, a gigantic mansion. Then, a tradgedy happens.....

*Saito walks up to Shiro*
Saito: How ya doing bro?
Shiro: Ah, bored as usaul. Whenís this guy gonna show up anyway...?
Saito: *smiling* Who knows.. Might show up sooner than ya think.
Shiro: Heh, no one cna take on us right bro?
Saito: *laughs* Heh, Right. Iím gonna go check on you father k?

Little did Shro know, that would be the last time Shiro would ever hear his father again. A cry of pain is heard, as blades are clinged togther. Shiro rushes in teh house to aid his father, only to find the one thing he never thought of. Saito was standing over his father, as Ryuno lay silent. All shiro could do is sit there motionless as the one he called "bro" turned to him smiling.

Shiro: *crying* Why... Saito.... WHY!?!?!?
Saito: *Smirks* Heh... I had to test my strength. And what more to do so then on one of the best healers in the land.
Shiro: *hands shaking* This... this.... will not.....
Saito: Whatís wrong? Never seen a dead body before.

Shiro rose to his feet with his head down unable to control his anger. Then, a light began to shine in his hand.

Shiro: *Eyes turn a light silver blue* You... will PERISH!!!
Saito: *Faces Shiro* Heh. Do you worst.
Shiro: *Random hand signs* I summon thee, GENESIS, THE SWORD OF GAIA!!!

As being a member of the Kazuma family, Shiro had the ability to summon the most legendary weapons to aid him in battle. With nothing but anger in his heart, his struck down his best friend in one swipe of the massive sword. When Saito falls on the ground, Genesis disapears into dust, and Shiro rushes to his fatherís side...

Ryuno: *breathing heavily* Son... your powers have grown...
Shiro: *crying with a smile* Father please.. dont speak..
Ryuno: Heh, thatís my boy.... You will be able to call on all elements someday at this rate.
Shiro: Father... and youíll be right at my side..
Ryuno: *smiles* Donít be so silly. *coughs* You know my time is now.
Shiro: I.. I dont know... You canít die...
Ryuno: Son. Listen to me.... *coughs* Promise me that you will continue your training, and carry out the familyís name. Use the elements for the better things in life.. not for the worse.
Shiro: But.. I canít do it alone...
Ryuno: *Smiling* Yes you can.. Just believe in yourself and reach for what you want.. *coughing* Now Promise..... me..... *eyes go blank*

Shiro hold his father close to him as tears began to fall. SLowly raising his head he says "I Promise..." Three years later, Shiro hugs his mother and gives her a kiss. HE says goodbye to his family and friends and leaves Shirya. And his only words were "I will become the first to summon all the weapons father... The Kazuma Family will live on...."

Characteristics: Shiro is a goofy guy, but is very serious in times he has to be. When in battle he can be very playful, but also is a very quick learner. He can analyze an opponents moves by observing them in battle and then practicing them himself, he will try to perfect it if it is of his liking.. He is very nice also but not to be taken lightly by his smile. When he hears of a new technique which he hasnít seen, his curiosity takes over and he tries to see it in action. Simply he believes life should be enjoyed, though in battle you will only see a smile. When his companions are in danger, he will do all to protect them.

(Characteristics will be changed later....)
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Shiro, The Summoner
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