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 kenjis jutsu

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kenji momoto

kenji momoto

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PostSubject: kenjis jutsu   Sat Jun 07, 2008 12:52 am

electric punch: puts electricity around his hand so that every punch has thunder in ti

electric kick:same as the electric punch just this is on the feet

electron blast: launches a blast from my hand thats pure electricity

electric state: body becomes completly surrounded by electricity so that anythin will be electricuted upon contact with my body
electric speed : while in electric state i can move at the speed of electricity

thunder wall: puts up a wall of thunder

chidori: orb of thunder that forms in the pom of my hand

shadow clone: makes copies of himself

electron beam :a beam of lightning thats comes from my hand

jutsus will b aded as they are learned
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kenjis jutsu
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