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 The Epitaph of the Abyss-My Room

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Special Jounin

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PostSubject: The Epitaph of the Abyss-My Room   Tue Jun 10, 2008 9:44 am

*I walk into my room with Skieth looking for my Chakra Jump rope* Skeith where is it??? You said you saw it!!!
Skeith: Did you check in the closet????
*I stop what I'm doing and Shadow Step to the closet* YEAH!! Here it is!!!!
Skeith:So what did you need it so bad for??
*I show Skeith the jump rope handles* You see these indents?? Well Im gonna forge a Lightning Gem and a Wind Gem to use for training!!
Skeith: Is that gonna be your new weapon a jump rope??
Hell no! Its gonna be used to increase my skill with Lightning and Wind Chakras! But Ace has to approve me going to the Elemental Gem Mine.
Skeith: You and these Fetch Missions. Come on lets go *Skeith turns to the orb of light and plunges into my chest like usual*

Come lets go
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The Epitaph of the Abyss-My Room
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