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 hosokis "the sand beast"

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hosaki namanoichi
hosaki namanoichi

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PostSubject: hosokis "the sand beast"   Sun Jun 15, 2008 1:39 pm

i use moves that involve my main weapon my sand such as Suna no Yoroi a thick layer of sand that keep me from getting hurt wen physical attacks are delt a offensive attack is Sabaku kyuu where i rap my sand arms around the victem choking/squeezing/sufficating them to death another squeezing move is Sabaku SouSou it creats a sand bubble around my victem squeezing slash sufficating them to death a trick sand move is Suna bunshin no jutsu wich makes my sand turn into a clone of my from a far away distance you would not be able to tell if it was me or somone els but in close range it is usless because it takes the color of sand and deffensive move is one i cannot controll but it moves on its own Suna no Tate this is sand that moves around me in frount of me or behind or any other direction blocking enemys from all angles of cource this wall can be destroyed by faster and more burtal figters this one is simlar to the last it is called Suna no Tama it makes a giant orb of sand around me but i can countroll this this is not all about defence because i can shoot out a eye to see my enemy and then shoot spikes to destroy the enemy when it comes near this move is more like a tunami of sand its called Ryusa Bakuryu this creates massive waves of sand tottaly engulging the enemy in sand this uses much chakara another offensive move i use is Suna Shigure it makes sand in the air and is the begging of Ryusa Bakuryu but it can be used to harden the thrown through enemys to kill them this next one is one of my best deffensive attacks yet it is called Saikou Zettai Bougyo Shukaku No Tate it makes a giant figure making it almost impossible to get to me but this is also a attacking system because he shoots giant spears through him this defensive mecanizem is almost impossible to get through the next is Sabaku Taisou Following the Bakuryu Ryusa, it compacts the sand thus crushing the enemies in a huge amount of sand this next offensive attack is called Sabakurou
it makes giant death coffin and crushes the enemy and kills them Shizune a move that allows me to shoot sand needles at you Tanuki Neiri no Jutsu is where i put myself into a deepsleep letting the shukaku take over Mugen Sajin Daitoppa is a offensive attack used when im transformed into shukaku where i giant gust of wind blows down my opponent Gokusamaiso the ground forms as a sand sink hole and sucks my oppents 1000 of feet under the earth stuck and imprissoned in the ground Lincin Achoio uses tons of chakara to regenerate a heart that is no longer beating giving the host a chance to heal and come back once agin to the land of the living
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hosokis "the sand beast"
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