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 my bedroom

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Number of posts : 352
Age : 27
Location : where im currently at
Job/hobbies : video games, my gf, anime, sports
Ninja Way : to find a way to forgive my self
Registration date : 2008-05-05

PostSubject: my bedroom   Fri Jun 20, 2008 6:00 am

*im sitting on my bed throwing a kunai up in the air and catching it thinking about stuff*

why.... why me...

*i look at my arm*

why does all this stuff always happen to me

*i get up and walk infront of a mirror and look at my self up and down*


*i punch the mirror and break it... and it reconstructs itself i exhale and go to my bed and laydown again and my arm deconstructs it self and a beautiful woman pops out and lays next to me*

**do you ever regret the way we met?**



yeah... sometimes i wish it was someone else who had to carry this burden of being the master of all things earth

**but i picked you out of everyone it was you whom i wanted**

yeah i kno... but its my turn to ask you a serious question...


why me?

**you kno what?**


**it was probably those big strong arms of yours... and that thing on your lip..**

*the diamond maiden runs her fingers down my back*

heh.... lol no seriously why...

**well you were kinda in the vicinity and i was in need of saving i picked you**

well... im going to need a better answer from you sometime later ok?


*i being to throw the kunai in the air and the diamond maiden catches it*

**everything is going to be ok i promise**

i know..

sometimes i wish you hadnt its more than a title you know
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my bedroom
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