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 In the Basement...

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In the Basement... Empty
PostSubject: In the Basement...   In the Basement... Icon_minitimeSun Jun 22, 2008 6:39 pm

*my basement is a dark and wet place. down here it is cold and disturbing. perfect place for me to train and meditate. i walk into it and stand in the center with my eyes wide open to the darkness*

Heh... Soon to be the end.

Gauge out, your eyes, pull your, heart to the floor,
with my heart my skin my kiss, stand back drop to your knees,
I'll stand back as you bleed with my heart my skin my kiss
This blade it feels so cold, baby hold me while, I'm shaking,
This knife has pierced my soul, I sit alone while, I'm shaking
And yes I'll laugh out for you, with blind eyes, I'm shaking...
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In the Basement...
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