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 New sanin vash the king of darkness

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New sanin vash the king of darkness Empty
PostSubject: New sanin vash the king of darkness   New sanin vash the king of darkness Icon_minitimeTue May 06, 2008 3:47 pm

Vash went away after the insident with his arm in a fight with ace.
He left the village and trained the whole year to bring up his compacity for his kekei genkai . however during this year he found out the truth of his clan of orion and how to use his kekei genkai to power up a alot. he returned recently and is now the third sanin of the village hidden in the abyss

He is pritty much just a very naturally talented person. more or less a genious . his strength of mind is his most deadly weapon of all.

vashys blood line limit is over the element of darkness . this rare trate is passed down an odd secret clan that has died out long ago.

The ability of dark portals are one of the traits..

along with the ability to transport the 50 foot feet radius around himself into a diffrent dimention in his mind ,
he usually only does a small radius enough to get his enemy in his mind were he has the advantage.

it takes alot of chakra to do so tho.

New apperence
New sanin vash the king of darkness Pbucket

Forbiddon jutsu instant death strike--100%
Dark magistry - a move to aplify dark magic ten fold--100%
Dark portal ---------- 100%
dark void --------- 100%
dark sheild -----100%
dark dragon strike--100%
dark tornado--100%

Shadow clone jutsu------------100% (about 1000 most )
Mass shadow clone jutsu-----100%(10000 most)

King of darkness (level one) ----------100%

King of darkness (level two)--------100%

King of darkness (level three))100%

King of darkness (level four))100%
King of darkness (level five)100%
King of darkness (secret level 6) 100%

King of the dark abyss.(ultimate K.o.d attack)100%

ice storm jutsu 100%
Ice tiger jutsu 100%
Fire vortex jutsu 100%
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New sanin vash the king of darkness
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