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 xenith drenched in sorrow and flame

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zenith_drenched in flame
zenith_drenched in flame

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PostSubject: xenith drenched in sorrow and flame   xenith drenched in sorrow and flame Icon_minitimeFri May 23, 2008 7:10 pm

my name is xenith
im 17
my favorite fighting style is taijutsu

my name is kael i am from sunstrider isle my clan of people worship the eternal flame... once every 1000000 years this flame finds a vessel and links its life with his/hers life force... guess what... im that guy

when i was born the eternal flame chose me to weild its power and all its colors red, blue, green, white, black

this was no blessing but a curse.... with this falme i burdened the whole village on my shoulders and if i died so did the village

one day during my 17th year of age when the eternal flame fully manifested itself in my body assasins from another village came to take my life as a means to end my whole clan

my mother sacrificed herself and thats when i blew the roof the color of the flame went from red (the calm flame) to white (the most powerfull flame) a violent explosion occured and i vanquished all of my assailants and innocents in the area

i fled to the abyss for a means to controll my power and to seek a way to controll this curse

xenith drenched in sorrow and flame Blue2011
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xenith drenched in sorrow and flame
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