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 zeniths jutsu

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zenith_drenched in flame
zenith_drenched in flame

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PostSubject: zeniths jutsu   Fri May 23, 2008 7:24 pm

like i said before my element is fire so basically all my jutsu is fire i can change the level from flames from red to green to blue to black to white and my jutsu is classed as such

red regualr balanced fire

crimson vortex: i spinn around rapidly and a large flaming tornado comes tword the enemy

heat fist: a regular jutsu a large jet of flame extends from my hand and it charges twoard the enemy

after burner: its a complex flaming combo and the ending result in my feet on your face and flaming jets extend from my feet burning the body

heat wave: i press my hands on the ground and feed all my red fire into the ground this fire mixes with the heat in the earths core and it explodes in a violent heat wave

green fire the fire of speed (hotter than red)

emerald flame: green flames spin around the enemy very fast and begin to close in

crudus burst: using my skilled taijutsu i knock my enemy into the air and i holy my hand up and a flaming green dragon comes and encloses the enemy and burns them alive

seismic disc: i make a disc of fire and throw it twoards my enemy

emerald dragon: a summoning jutsu where a green dragon master of green flames attacks my foe

blue fire the calm destruction

cleansing fire: using my hands i take control of the heat around me and explode it rapidly

the rising flame: i extract all the heat out of my opponents body and give it back to them fluxuating then and burining them heavily

heat hand: its a close ranged taijutsu i press my hands on my opponets body and shoot flaming blue jets twoard them

blue lightning: its not lightning but i take controll of the heat caused by lightnig and use it to my advantage and shoot it from my fingertips
black fire the flame of anger and desperation
cosmic burst: i create several tornadoes of black fire and mix them to create one big tornado and i shoot it at my opponet

atras flame: this is a special attack where i surround my body in black fire i knock my opponet very far down in the earth then i use all my black fire and shoot it down into the earth the fire reacts with the earths heat and combusts

white fire the flame of power and purity

supernova: i use all the power of the eternal flame and explode it around my self the blast is very far and causes severe damage

eternal flame: its a complex taijutsu special attack i knock my opponet upwards and i make three fire clones and we proced to knock the opponet into equilibrium in the air then using my speed granted by the green flame i burst above my opponet and the other clone using the red flame charges for a heat wave attack and the other clone on the ground uses the blue flame charges for a rising flame attack and the last clone uses the black flame charges the atras flame attack then all the attacks mix and that creats the eternal flame attack

other techniques like my kekei genkai

my k.g allows me to see all heat in the area and i can controll it effectively im also resistant to fire and my hair is fire (i jus thought i would throw that in) im very fast and my eyes look like small flames
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zeniths jutsu
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