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 Kari-Chan's ^-^

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PostSubject: Kari-Chan's ^-^   Kari-Chan's ^-^ Icon_minitimeSat May 24, 2008 9:02 pm


Nulla desideria = No regrets
Their slim handled and gravings of Vines are going around the handle from the top where there is a Yin-Yang to the bottem.


Hoja de tierra = Earth Blades
They have yin-yangs at the end also but have animals carved it and stings at the end so if their thrown they can be pulled back. Goes as long as 6 meters


veneratio- Honor
Staff she made a year ago. It's made out of steel and wood combined. The cavings have a monkey and a snake blocking eachother.

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Kari-Chan's ^-^
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