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 Xotiel- Votem Nuntium

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PostSubject: Xotiel- Votem Nuntium   Xotiel- Votem Nuntium Icon_minitimeMon May 26, 2008 12:55 am

I am Xotiel but u all can call me x for short and I am an angel who was chosen to be God's messenger, I was called on by God to do his bidding and one day he called me to do an "impossible mission" I said this can't be too hard...and it wasn't the mission was to infiltrate organization XIII and become the true leader, then destroyit from the inside without anyone figuring out anything so I did it. But before I infiltrated organization XII I met a guy who recognized my power and asked for my help to revive him when he died ...I revived him and made him join the organization when i did...when i joined i quickly became the true leader...#0 if u will, and left L in the dust...L left the organization...as soon as I as I was done with that I saw that a young boy and his friends were destroying the organization so I helped the boy by placing treasure all over the various worlds and and enemies around to help is experience in battle to grow and he eventually destroyed the organization helping me achieve my goal...I went back to God and he congradulated me for completing my mission and gave me a new one...make L become stronger so without further words from God i went to L's village and obliterated it then I stayed at the spot hovering over the ruins waiting for L to come back

L came back and when he saw that his village was destroyed asked me y did I do it, I didn't say anything and I flew away....L teleported to my location and exploded himself on me but it was not nearly enough to kill me but it did greatly wound him so I used my medical prowess and healed him, giving him some of my lifeforce in order to help him become stronger but I put too much into him and he became my brother of sorts(2 wholes of the same existance) and nowi follow him everywhere in order to help him become stronger and to help him stay alive
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Xotiel- Votem Nuntium
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