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 Blind Swordsmith

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PostSubject: Blind Swordsmith   Blind Swordsmith Icon_minitimeSun May 11, 2008 6:26 pm

Name: Zaitoichi (Zaito for short)
Clan: Bankai
I was born in the village hidden in the sky to mother Dyna Bankai and father Rictor Bankai. During my ninja training I was blind while attempting to learn Grand Fireball Jutsu.My ninja training was ended and i learned the trade of blacksmithing from my father while he secretly trained me in the ways of the Niten Ichi Ryu swordstyle. With no eyesight i still became the best swordsman in the village but i still felt lesser than the other villagers so i began to sit close the training grounds and listen to the ninja train and learning their different jutsu and perfecting them.Until one day my father heard me training and ran right into my Blade Rain Jutsu killing him instantly. Attempting to kill myself i jumped from the village hidden in the sky and fell into the abyss were i found a village were i was immediately nursed back to health and continued my ninja training. After about a month in the village i decide to go off and train in the cave of pure darkness where i obtained my Amaterasu and Ars Nova blades at first i couldnt control this power but after a year of training with master Ace I have embraced the god swords and have become master of light and darkness and my bloodline limit Bankai
Special Skills:Blacksmithing,Master of Niten Ichi Ryu (two sword style),Superpowered senses and reflexes, ablity to see chakra and destroy it. Enhanced senses allow 360 vision no blinds spots. Invulnerable to sight genjutsu.Master of Chakra manipulation and Chakra control.
Bloodline Limit: Bankai three natures ablity to control two opposite natures and anyone time plus lightning when used chakra is raised by 6000 x.
Jutsu :
Basic Techniques :
Emp barrier: Stop any lighting chakra from getting through
Shadow Arch genjutsu : Traps opponent in genjustsu were it make them think the themselves is the opponent and any damage done to fake opponent is transfered to real opponent
Chakra Absorption Jutsu : Absorbs chakra
Achilles Heel : Spinning leg drop
Light wave : Burst of light chakra is blasted toward opponent
Darkness Wave : Burst of darkness chakra is lasted at opponent
Shadow gun : Dark chakra is concentrated into tip of finger and is blasted at opponent.
Earth Release Wall Jutsu : Brings a earth wall around to protect
Gaia's Kiss : 12 swords rise from ground each laced with different chakra and made from different metals
Twin Dragon Flame . Swords turn into fire dragons one black one white and burn everything in a circle.
Quicksand Waterfall Jutsu : Raises land 200 feet and turns falling earth
Black Rain Jutsu : Obsidian rain falls over battle field weighting opponent down as they get wet.
Hades Salvation : Shadow clones surround opponent in five directions and from a pentagram of fire. The fire seals off any Bloodline Limit for a period of six days.
Chakra movement Jutsu : Can move all of opponents chakra to on part of body increasing techniques 200 fold but charka is used at an alarming rate
Poseidon's Fantasia: Gysers of water come from underground at high pressure ans spin until hurricane forms.
Fallen Zeus spears Jutsu : Comes flying at opponent twisting and gathering black lightning chakra into ball.
Titan Inprisonment: Removes spirits from body
Metal summoner: Mastery of all metal
Grand Fireball Jutsu : Shootas giant fireball
Getsuga Tenshou : Black cresent shaped blade flies at opponent
Koiton Blade:Blade of dark energy.
Shining Rasengan: A ball of light and wind chakra moving at mach 12 speed.
Phoenix rising: Genjutsu wereopponent thinsk hes being engulfed in flames.
Two stirke rakiri: Charging two lightning blade charged one in each fist can cut through anything.
Draco cannon : Flying chidori/Grandfireball jutsu
Special moves:
Jack of Spades: Uses Amaterasu to to expel Shadow Chakra around battlefield 6 mile blast radius.
Queen of Spades: Uses Ars Nova to boost speed to High level
King of Spades : Uses Hera and Aphrodite to unlock Hepheatus Katana
Balance Dance of the Twin Dragons : (Used with god swords)
Genjutsu opponent falls into a pit of darkness and is struck repeatedly with with light dragon
Blade rain Jutsu: (Used with Black Rain Jutsu) Rain drops turn into infinite small and sharp blade cutting opponent into pieces.
Andromeda Rasengan : (Used with Hepheatus Katana) Heapheatus Katana spins in users hands as lighting in flown throughout the blade. User runs at high speed and stabs opponent.
Ace of Spade : 4 blades surround Heapheatus drawing power for all and expels sonic boom, emp,firestorm,tsunami,and rockslide from 5 different directions.
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Blind Swordsmith
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