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 rio "the light of the abyss"(self proclaimed)

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rio diago
rio diago

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rio "the light of the abyss"(self proclaimed) Empty
PostSubject: rio "the light of the abyss"(self proclaimed)   rio "the light of the abyss"(self proclaimed) Icon_minitimeMon May 26, 2008 9:43 pm

it's been five years since i found the scrolls of light. the contents of these scrolls have been hidden by a preistess. the preistess feared that man would use the scrolls knoledge for evil therefore she put a spell on them,this spell won't allow unpure eyes to learn the secrets of light.the scrolls are past downed from one diago to the next.i now keep the scrolls constantly working on their jutsu and improving them.
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rio "the light of the abyss"(self proclaimed)
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