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 jutsus of the light

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rio diago
rio diago

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PostSubject: jutsus of the light   Wed May 28, 2008 12:07 am

rasengan: makes an orb of rotating chakra in palm and hits the enemy with it

shadow clone: makes up to 15 clones that are all real they only take one hit to despell

shining flash: launches a wave around his whole body going in all directions to repel attacks and blow away the enemy

light barrier(1-5): forms a solid wall of light chakra in front of himself to block enemy attacks rio's able to launch up to 5 barrier at once

light shield: forms a solid barrier around his body to block enemy attacks this differs from the shining flash and light barrier in that it one takes less chakra, two blocks around his whole body so that no matter where the enemy attacks its blocked and, three its a whole lot weaker

shining fist: one of rio's body parts begin to shine and this body part is much stronger when used with tai jutsu

infinity cannon:a desperation jutsu as rio luanches a concentrated light energy beam towards the enemy it uses a lot of chakra

ultamate force-field: luanches a unbreakable force field that nothing may pierce this jutsu takes a huge part of rio's chakra and cant be held up for more than 12 second ,and thats with a full stock of chakra, rio cant use this jutsu more than twice
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jutsus of the light
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