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 Ayame The Binded One

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PostSubject: Ayame The Binded One   Ayame The Binded One Icon_minitimeThu May 29, 2008 4:36 pm

Name: Ayame (or Ayane in demon form) Kaguya
Age: 18
Birth Date:12/01/89
Clan: Kaguya
Kekkei Genkai: Shikotsumyaku
Perfered Fighting Style: Any

background: Ayame was born at the same time as two other children of the Kaguya clan. As in Kaguya clan lore the kids were to grow up together, train together, and be the best of friends. While that sounds all well and good, the kids didnít know that when they turned thirteen that they would be put agist each other in a death match to find the best fighters. The elders loved this kind of thing they even bet on which kid would be the winner. Ayame being the only girl within the group was put as the runt of the battle and no one bet for her. There was only one person to bet on her which was someone she didnít know, but was soon to know all to well. Ayame and the other two had fiured out a day before they were suporsta fight each other that it would be to the death. Being, friends the desided that they would run away and make a clan they could call there own. Ayame knew she was the strongest of the group and didnít want to go but between her friends or the clan she would choose them if no other option was givin. That night a unknown person offered Ayame more money then she could spend and also more power then she chould use in turn for her killing the other two. Being a power hungry little child she chose the power. She was infused with a demon spirt that loved to kill and flirt. The next day during the match where the kids were supsta dissaper together Ayame didnít want to kill her friends anymore but the demon took over body and killed the others. Faced with the fact that she killed her best friends in the world she reclueded inside of herself and never tried to make another friend. Soon she was picked to be the leader of her clan which she refused and ran away. To find somewhere to live with the deranged spirt.

Personality: My true personality is difficult to discern; for I frequently switch from a lighthearted and polite teenager to a twisted and sadistic maniac that enjoys playing mind games with my opponents. Sheís mostly laid back and you can always catch her in an up beat style. The other spirit inside of her tends to come out in her in burst of anger or lust for females.

((Sorrie it took so long to come to the new one. Lawl, I've been kinda bzy and what not. So, yeah good luck on this one)) What a Face
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Ayame The Binded One
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