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 The Justsus of the Savior

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PostSubject: The Justsus of the Savior   Thu May 29, 2008 8:38 pm

dragon's bite - chakra is released from the palms and enters the opponent's body doing internal damage

heart of heat - engulfs the user in flames, adding fire damage to all attacks

way of the wind - wraps the user in wind and raises speed

chill of calling - the user is wrapped in ice, allowing the user to take more damage

torrent of thunder - lightening wraps around the user and raises chakra

overload - user goes into a heightened state of strength, speed, defense, and chakra control.

Finishing Move: shikaku's barrage - the user fuses with the sword's dragon's fang and serpent's claw and goes into a dragon-like form. the opponent is knocked into the air. the user flies up above the opponent and charges up chakra to the hand and smashes the opponent to the ground. once the opponent hits the ground, the chakra stored in the hand is then shot out of the hand hake kusho style.

phantom slash - the user warps behind the opponent and the opponent is stuck with many slashes.

blackout rage - the opponent is pulled into darkness and a barrage of attacks are thrown, doing severe damage

artemis defense - darkness wraps around the user, protecting them from attacks

shining blade barrage - fang/claw glow with gold/silver light. this light can be used to make attacks with them more devastating or can be shot
................Many more jutsus to come..................

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PostSubject: Re: The Justsus of the Savior   Fri Jun 06, 2008 8:35 am

earthquake assault - the ground is punched and pillars of earth rise up, damaging the enemy

dancing earth - needles of earth are shot towards the enemy

athena's sanctuary - the field changes and boosts all of my stats(attack, defense, speed, chakra)
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The Justsus of the Savior
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